California White Sage 6.5" Smudge Stick

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Benefits of smudging; white sage has antimicrobial properties which means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi at bay. Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual (one we can thank the Native American Indians for).  It may purify spiritual impurities, dispel negative energy, can cleanse and empower specific objects, a traditional remedy for treating anxiety and depression, help to soothe stress and may improve quality of sleep. When smudging leave a window open to allow the smoke to escape. Some believe this allows the smoke to take the impurities and negative energy with it.

 Cleanse & Purification.

The California Mini White Sage Smudge Sticks are 6.5" long is wild-crafted and each bundle is hand tied. .

*size may vary

 CAUTION: Be sure burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use! DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED!

***Price is for 1 Smudge Stick

This product is non exchangeable and or refundable