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dharmalove by Anastasia Keriotis

My Story


My Story

Welcome to Dharma Love, 

As an artist aiming to stay true to the integrity of my craft and support myself and my family, I created commercial products, using my paintings, photographs, woodcuts and other printmaking art pieces.  My creativity is fueled by my experiences-- travel, nature, a simple still life or just everyday life. This makes the art affordable while hopefully having a positive effect on people and the planet. My background is in fine art. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from the California College of the Arts with an emphasis in Painting, Photography and Printmaking.

The garments act as the canvas for my work. Much care and research goes into the making and purchasing of products that house my artwork. I manually print the art onto the fabrics in my studio with a professional heat press. The garments consist of Certified Organic Cotton, Hemp and Socially Accountable cotton products. I look for high quality, reasonably-priced and socially-conscious products NOT contributing to the demise of Humans creating the garments or the Environment.

The name of my business was created by my former mother -in law. I knew I wanted the word love in my business name and her knowing me and my artwork, she suggested Dharma Love.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning Purpose in Life + Love- word meaning Kindness, Compassion, Affection = Dharma Love. Sending blessings and love out into the world one product at a time. 

It has been the affirmations I’ve received from the people that have purchased the Dharma Love products that has made me feel like I have succeeded in what I started out to do.

Thank you.

Anastasia Keriotis

About the Business

Dharma Love is  a Green business, my products are printed with non toxic, water based inks, the hang tags are made out of post consumer recycled paper, the packaging is made out of soda pop bottles (all of which can be recycled). I strive to be a zero impact business; recycling all materials and promoting good business practices.